Contacting us is really easy, you can drop us an e-mail, follow us day by day on our Facebook page or meet us by chance while drawing at an event around the corner from your house.


We also have headquarters in Bologna, Rome and London (with Matter Group), Pianoro (with muschi&licheni) and Paris.


For any question, idea, curiosity or clarification or just to receive information, please write to Lara


For sending us your portfolio or CV, for collaboration or internship, please write to Rayane


For administrative needs and questions, please write to Andrea


For compliments, contributions and suggestions, please write to or, even better, come and visit us!



Via Battindarno, 159/2

40133 – Bologna (Italy)

Tel. +39.051.6192511 – +39.051.6193535



Via del Serafico, 159

00142 – Rome (Italy)



Fulham Palace
c/o Black Sun

Bishop’s Avenue

London SW6 6EA



“Our main objective was to make our presence at the show floor different, more lively and dynamic.”