What does “Graphic Facilitation” mean?

Graphic Facilitation is the use of images to facilitate the comprehension and memorization. Graphic Facilitation can be applied in real time (scribing or visualization) during conferences, workshops, meetings to draw a visual map of conversations and to hold the momentum; or it can be used to translate concepts and theories in attractive graphic or illustrated compositions (for example, optimizing PowerPoint presentations or creating graphics to explain processes and dynamics).


Do you only work in Europe?

We work wherever the client is and where our competences are necessary. Our work team speaks English, German, Spanish, French and our network has professionals in China, Australia, Canada, USA.


What does “design” mean for you?

Design is for us the skill to plan by valuing implications and consequences. The daily life is design in any of its details. While working, it means to know how to organize and manage thoughts in a rational way and translate them into a coherent result. The design is the time and dynamics organization, so that the conditions for funky results can be created.


Who is your target client?

A target client does not exist, for each area is potentially interesting to us. Should we define it, a target client is a client willing to work together, who does not look for a supplier, but rather for a partner with whom to establish a relationship of mutual trust and development.


What does Group Genius mean?

The Group Genius is the answer already present inside a work group, thanks to the competences and the variety of participants. Through the interactions design and collaborative work, we help to make visible this answer and therefore to enhance the common contribution as the sum of the individual one.


Where does the name Housatonic come from?

Housatonic is the name of the river which goes across Stockbridge, a locality of Massachusetts from which the previous studio took its name. The name Housatonic derives from the Indian Mahican phrase “usi-a-di-en-uk” which means “beyond the mountains” and we have chosen it for its powerful symbolic value: a river is strong, it flows, never keeps still, and in particular symbolically goes “beyond”, crossing the town which gave the name to the beginning of everything.


Why “we make it easy”?

Because in any area we try to facilitate our and our clients work, creating an open, honest and creative space with collaboration and comparison dynamics, where each difficulty can be faced and overcome thanks to the group contribution.

“The great work done by Housatonic during the Hitachi Information Forum in Rome and Milan was a real entertainment and provided us an effective and impact communication, which synthesized HDS key messages and also became a tangible memory of the event for all the participants.”
(Hitachi Data Systems)