Graphic Facilitation

We facilitate the visual capture of meeting, workshop and conference content by translating the words into visual concepts, original illustrations and attractive graphics. It helps participants remember what they heard and to better understand complex concepts.

Scribing is the art of ‘live’ capture of complex concepts through sketches, illustrations and words.

Through Visualization, we amplify the understanding of key concepts, which are captured and graphically translated into visual notes during presentations, events and discussions.

Graphic Recording summarizes complex subjects and differing points of view into a single large image. It visually transforms words into understandable sketches.



We facilitate the design of collaborative processes. We work with our clients to bring to life inputs and other important documents in ways that accelerate their acceptance and understanding.

During conferences we organize creative and dynamic work environments, to facilitate the understanding of content and strategy in a clear and innovative way.

We design facilitated Workshops to encourage the collaborative exchange of ideas, by creating innovative shared experiences.

We support brain-storming to stimulate creativity in ways that lead to effective and innovative solutions.



We facilitate the translation of your ideas into engaging and impactful work products. We identify your needs and translate them into graphic solutions to attract customers and new markets. We are experts at the design of logos, publications, and information packs.

We work with our customers to create or gather the right information to exceed your expectations and hit your graphic objectives.

We work close to our customers to create proactive offers that anticipate market changes. We transform insights and ideas into illustrations and graphic projects to synthesize concepts, objectives and projects into a product that tells a compelling (complete) a story in a short timeframe.


Digital & Multimedia

We bring your stories to life through an animated process whereby sketches, images and objects simplify information and content, through digital animations and analog creativity.

Our videos can be thought of and used to explain complex concepts within and outside of the company.

These stories move and motivate your stakeholders, creating involvement through a simple and effective communication, to explain and inspire in a viral way, we know how to use media in ways that synthesise content and clearly projects it into in a world that is more and more digital, global and quick.

You don’t only get impressed by their drawing skills, but mainly by their capacity of listening.
This is the real secret of this team: listen and understand messages and translate them into graphics.
A graphic that captures the audience attention, without leaving space to distraction.