We make it easy.

Because our job is to facilitate the understanding of concepts through graphic and visualization, simplifying conversations and collaboration through interaction and environment design, creating easy solutions to complex issues. We work with our clients to understand how we can make their life easier, adding creativity and inventiveness, reliability and experience, to create an unforgettable moment lasting in time.




We began working with Matt and Gail Taylor collaborative methodologies, and they still are our mentors: thanks to their teachings and countless valuable collaborations, we have built – and continue to build every day – a background of experience and knowledge which helps us to realize our main objective: have people to work better, facilitating the complexities they face.




Since 2010, we are officially Matter Group‘s partner, so consolidating our decennial friendship and collaboration in a partnership which, together, makes us stronger and more efficient. As much deep and essential in Italy is our relationship with muschi&licheni, because it fulfills and enriches us from the personal and professional perspective (besides helping us to tidy up the room).
Combining competence and knowledge, we can face any type of challenges in a better and more competent way, no matter where and about what. So, we can say we are process experts, not content ones.
We strongly believe in the power of collaboration, of creativity and of Group Genius, or rather in a whole which is greater than the addition of the parts. Our network of friends and colleagues makes each of us stronger and more proud of what we do.




Although we are used to adapt to any type of environment and place while we work, we love to be in our headquarters. Our office is a space open to people, inspirations, ideas. Doors are open for anyone who wants to get in and share, it is a place full of incentives: toys, books, objects which bear and tell stories about adventures and works, people and travels. We believe that each detail talks and tells something to those who are able to listen.



About Graphic Facilitation.

We do this job since 1998, being pioneers of the Graphic Facilitation concept and the ones who have widely contributed to its diffusion. We are sure that graphic design and visualization help a better communication, understanding, memorization, creativity and synthesis. Finally, the possibility to share concepts and thoughts in a simple and colorful way helps the collaboration and the innovation.





During your conferences, we listen and collect the information and the key concepts, organizing them in a creative and new format.



Graphic notes transform a simple meeting in an involving and exciting experience, facilitating exchange of ideas and the mutual collaboration to active the right results.



Creativity and solutions for your meeting in search for solutions: models and illustrations capture the essential elements, fixing them in a better memorization.



Animated drawings, images and objects animate to tell your story within or outside the company, in a simple and synthetic, original and involving way, immediately viral.





The power of a creative, engaging and explicative visualization to promote the launch of new products, telling a story or showing its competitive advantage.



We facilitate the translation of your ideas into engaging and effective products, identifying your needs to answer to customers and market demands.



We translate your concepts and ideas into synthetic and engaging images, creating clarity, interest and participation for the user, for example visualizing a strategy or a journey.



We summarize and simplify concepts through graphic design and illustration into a bigger picture telling the whole story in a short timeframe and becoming the mirror of a conversation or a presentation.


You don’t only get impressed by their drawing skills, but mainly by their capacity of listening.
This is the real secret of this team: listen and understand messages and translate them into graphics.
A graphic that captures the audience attention, without leaving space to distraction.