Our network is the result of collaborations and friendships, which have deepened over time and which add to our impact. We believe that competence and close collaboration is essential to achieve ambitious objectives. Relationships and dreams, methods and processes are always called into question, in an open and fair exchange of views, looking for what is new and best.


Matter Group is our partner. It represents the shell that protects us, Matter provides professional facilitation services, from the design of collaborative events to the facilitation of corporate off-sites (on-sites) and conferences. We’ve worked together for more than ten years and all over the world.


Muschi&Licheni is a skilled communication studio (with no limits). Our (twin) brother, with whom we always find a contact with the earth before touching the sky.


The Value Web is an international and no profit organization promoting the dialogue between people and nations, with the aim to facilitate the conversations that can change the world, it’s a global network of designers and facilitators.


Raffaele Mariotti is our unique and irreplaceable reference for technology, photography and video. The occult moviemaker, photography director, editor and pixel perfectionist of our videos. When good taste joins competence.


Moving Walls is our Swiss partner producing the collaborative work furniture we use to facilitate the collaboration, visualization and sharing among people: they are our most precious technology, fundamental to create and design new spaces, to imagine and think big.


Integral Leadership & Coaching is our partner in the training and coaching of leaders around the world. Together with them we organize and facilitate workshops where the main focus becomes recovering the persons centrality in relationship with their job.


“Housatonic has revealed to us the power of graphic facilitation during leadership workshops, so we have used it on many occasions as a supplement to traditional media. Furthermore, the graphic facilitation has redoubled its effect also after our workshops, because we have used scribes as effective material of internal communication, they have been spread throughout the organization to tell experiences, key-messages and decisions made. Graphic Facilitation is a new, fresh, easy and efficient tool: I say thank you to Alfredo and his team for having believed in it, for letting us know it and having been the real pioneers in Italy!”