Here’s a sneak view of our amazing network of friends and colleagues is a constant source of ideas and learning. We share passions, learnings, ideas and spaces in the creation of “incredible things”




Davide Abbate

Davide was born in Badia Polesine in 1986. He studied Comics and Illustration at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna, where he graduated with honors in Comics Languages. He participated in many workshops with publishing experts in Italy and abroad. Cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic facilitator.


He loves humour, people, drawing, complex TV series plots and nonsense.

Alfredo Carlo

Alfredo was born in 1975 in Bruxelles, grew up in Rome, studied in Bologna, loves writing, silkscreen and design. He has worked as a designer and graphic facilitator for the past decade.



His work, music, people and (his) children.

Chiara Caporicci

Chiara was born in 1983 in Pioraco, Italy. She now finds herself immersed in the world of music, where she worked organizing festivals and promoting many artists, with the help of her experience in the field of communication and event organization. She is searching for the perfect words, she loves reading and writing for hours, listening to the radio and audiobooks, getting lost in stationery shops, digging and synthesizing.


She loves her cats, To-Do lists, trees and the Orient.

Chiara Cremonini

Chiara was born in Bologna in 1984. She works with advertising and communication, but she really doesn’t know how to talk to plants. Being a process facilitator means to her to simply listen, understand and connect people.



She enjoys the smell of fresh air on her skin, discovering new places and breaking borders.

Rayane Hazim


Born in 1985, in Beirut (Lebanon), where she first studied Graphic Design and Art Direction at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, later on she acquired a Master Degree in Business Design from Domus Academy – Milan. She currently lives in Bologna where she works as a designer and process facilitator.



She lives in a wanderlust world where she loves to explore new countries, learn new cultures and listen to people’s stories.

Veronica Maccari

veronica maccari

Veronica was born in Macerata in 1988. She studied Industrial Design at the University of Studies of San Marino and, afterwards she specialized in Communication Design and Publishing at ISIA Urbino. Graphic designer, illustrator and holds a passion for photography.



Traveling in un-conventional ways, do experiences, simple and clean shapes, books and her cat.

Anna Martinuzzi

Anna was born in Bologna in 1992. She studied at the University in Bolzano, faculty of Design and Arts.  After her experience in Germany and London, she came back to Bologna working as a graphic designer.



She absolutely adores to eat and drink in good company, she likes plants, textiles, doing things with her hands and she’s got a long long list of places she’d like to visit.

Marco Marzoli

Born in 1986 in Tuscany, Marco graduated in Communications from the University of Siena. Collecting a string of rather silly jobs, he went from tourist animation to animation software. With his non-traditional, self taught background, he hopes to bring a different perspective to motion design.


He’s addicted to lists, movies and learning new things. He loves surreal humour and brewing his own beer at home.

Paolo Masiero

Paolo was born in 1980 in Chiaravalle, Ancona. After a diploma in comics at Scuolacomics Jesi, he went to Bologna to study advertising and graphic design. During the week he is graphic designer, illustrator, musician and teacher.



He loves art, Rock and laziness.

Andrea Monachesi

Andrea was born on 1986 in Macerata. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, where he specialized in web design, video design and in motion graphics which is his current main occupation. He enjoys moving things but most of all being moved by them.



Listening, observing constant mutation, discovering roots and getting inspired by that.

Carlo Moschettoni


Carlo was born in Macerata in 1988. He studied Illustrations and Comics at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and graduated in Communication, Web and Multimedia at Salesiani. Cartoonist, graphic designer and illustrator, when he draws he follows the “bushido”.



He loves chaos, video games, music, comics, red and cyan.

Cecilia Negri

Cecilia was born in Trento, but she didn’t stay there for long. She started with a degree in Communication Design, and then decided to specialize in Editorial Design at ISIA in Urbino.



A dedicated insect breeder, she spends most of her money on books.

Marcello Petruzzi

Marcello is born in 1976 in Magna Grecia, studied art and science on the Etruscan coast and graduated in Literature&Philosophy/Visual Art at the Bologna University. He has a ten years experience in the designing, elaborating and producing static and moving images, in close contact with the web languages.



Philosophy, myths, music, painting, narrative, graphic design and visual culture.

Silvia Robertelli

Silvia was born in Genoa in 1989. After studying in Genoa, France and Urbino, she worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for a few years in her hometown. She is now based in Bologna working at Housatonic.



She enjoys travelling and being outdoors; she loves old fashioned music and swing dance.

Andrea Sacco

Andrea was born and raised in Bologna, where he attended the Language High School and received a Communication degree from the Faculty of Letters. Most of the time Andrea deals with numbers and finance. He would like to do other things if he can only stop time.



He loves traveling, sports, the wild landscapes, and marshmallows.

Gianluca Sturmann

Gianluca, born in 1988 in Genova, is an illustrator and designer. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and attended various courses in visual communication. His work has been exhibited widely.



He takes inspiration from nature, music and zen meditation and loves magazines, illustrated books, art exhibitions and traveling.

Elena Vasumini

Born under the lovely shadow of Bologna’s hills in 1991, Elena serendipitously stumbled upon the world of graphic facilitation after a degree in Business and Economics at the University of Bologna. She currently works as a content and project manager at Housatonic.



Graphic novels, cold weather, detective stories, wind, stripes and light wood.

Lara Zentena

Lara, born in 1985 and grown up in Molise, moved to Bologna where she graduated in Arts, Music and Cinema at Bologna University. She enters magically into the graphic facilitation world as the Project Manager at Housatonic.



She loves music, traveling, strawberries and pois.

You don’t only get impressed by their drawing skills, but mainly by their capacity of listening.
This is the real secret of this team: listen and understand messages and translate them into graphics.
A graphic that captures the audience attention, without leaving space to distraction.