Ascolta i tuoi pazienti, anche quelli che hanno meno voce (IPF)

Ascolta i tuoi pazienti – Reverb

Together with Reverb we realized a video about Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis for the project Voci sott’acqua, conceived by Matteo Lanfranchi.

By working with Alfredo and his Team I learnt two important things: the first is the confidence into the skill of everyone to profit from a discussion by confronting each other and discovering new, interesting, unexpected elements, if it has the right contest and atmosphere to do it. The second is the possibility to organize scientific, elaborate, rigorous events but distant from grayness and boredom. Having fun during their design and living them! This is what the graphic facilitation does for me: it contributes to create an environment where people do the best and it leaves the sense to have created something concrete done all together, without competition and conflict but with a smile. 

Ilaria Lenzi – Barilla, eni and FEEM