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The future of work 1
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The future of work 3
Alfredo Carlo 4
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TEDx Arezzo - I grandi i nuovi
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We were involved with many TEDx events in Caserta, Arezzo and Verona whether to do scribing, create objects, illustrate on walls… Every event allows us to invent something new, experiment, collaborate, listen and learn.

Tedx Caserta Photos: Alfredo Buonanno

Tedx Arezzo Photos: Francesco Ghignoni 

“Creativity, Competence, Innovation… to go beyond tradition, we have been trusting Housatonic’s creative team for over a year and a half to graphic record a lot of our events. They always manage to sum up the themes in a high-quality, effective product… which all of our participants love!”

Silvia Lovati – The European House Ambrosetti