Dear Madam/Sir, in compliance with art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”) and the EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”), and concerning any personal data that Housatonic Srl Unipersonale processes and/or will process in the future, we are providing the following information:

1. Purpose of data processing
Among the personal data collected (biographical data, physical address, email address, organization, etc), some of them have been autonomously provided by the data subject due to an existing business relationship with Housatonic Srl Unipersonale, collected in public registers or gathered through third parties. We use these data, if an explicit agreement has been provided, to give updates on activities considered of interest for the recipients of the communication. In particular we: – send a recurring newsletter with information on Housatonic’s activities and projects – send recurring personal emails to share information on Housatonic’s activities and projects – send invitations to events and training courses held by Housatonic Personal data processing is necessary to carry out these services.

2. How data are processed
As per the commitment stated in this document, we will process only the necessary data to carry out the activities listed in point 1. Data are processed through the following operations, or a combination of them: collection, registration, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, data mining, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation and destruction. These operations can be carried out with or without electronic and/or automated instruments. Data are processed by the data controller and/or people in charge of the processing.

3. Provision of data
Provision of personal data is necessary to carry out the activities listed in point 1.

4. Refusal to provide data
The refusal to provide data from the data subject makes it impossible, totally or partially, to carry out the activities listed in point 1.

5. Data communication
Personal data might be communicated to people in charge of processing them (Housatonic employees and collaborators). Data won’t be communicated to third parties, unless there is a specific agreement with the data subject.

6. Data sharing
Personal data won’t be shared.

7. Data transfer abroad
Personal data won’t be transferred abroad.

8. Rights of the data subject
Art. 7 of the Personal Data Protection Code and art. 15 (and the following ones) of the GDPR clearly state that the data subject has specific rights, among which: – confirmation, from the data controller, of the existence of personal data and, if so, the right of access to those data in a clear way; – knowing where the data come from, how they are processed and for which purpose. Also, knowing what is the logic behind the collection of data, who is the data controller and who might get to access the data; – right to rectification, completion or update of personal data. Also, right to transferability, to limit the processing of data and to cancel them completely; – right to object to/oppose the processing of personal data if they are not handled in compliance with the regulation. Whenever the processing includes judiciary or sensitive information, the data subject can always oppose the processing, without compromising the lawfulness of the processing before the objection.

9. Data retention period
Data retention period will be compliant with art. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003) and the GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679), as stated in point 1.

10. Data controller
The data controller and responsible for processing the data is Housatonic srl Unipersonale, legally based in Bologna, Via Battindarno 159/2, 40133 Bologna, Tel. +39 051 6192511, Email Address: Please use the above-mentioned contacts for any further question and/or clarification regarding the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Code.